Object "Untitled" 2020

Paint on aluminum, H:30 cm. W:21 cm. D:13 cm.

The works by Jan-Flemming is a study into his artistic distinction. 

The aim is not for the observer to unearth an underlying meaning.

Instead, these works engage emotions.

Each piece acts autonomously and intends to establish a unique link

between the observer and the space, which it occupies.

See selected works below

"Untitled" 2019

Acrylic on canvas, 160x120 cm.

"Untitled" 2020

Acrylic on canvas, 120x200 cm.

"Untitled" 2018

Acrylic on canvas, 80x120 cm.

"Untitled" 2018

Acrylic on canvas, 40x40 cm.

"Untitled" 2019

Acrylic on canvas,160x120 cm.